Combining skills to transform a toy into a product. Laser Engraving became only a part of the project

After being asked to come up with some ideas for a good friends gift shop I stumbled across a toy cabin at lee valleys.  I said to myself “Self i can build that”  I went and modified the look and … Continue reading

Now on Etsy

Hi we are now selling on etsy. to cover our bases we decided to show off our products with a foray into the etsy arena. Our shop is called iengravedit so nothing new there but we have a few of our products on there now and are happy with the results..

here is a banner they produce for us to push people to the site

Personalized Pandora Styled Beads

Well we are I think close now to getting this ecom process completed! what a confusion, the types of sites hosted, custom, offshore, local, yikes this was more than I thought i could handle. we settled with Big Commerce because they had the shininess ad’s. lets clink I mean click to a great year online. thanks for reading images to follow


oh ya and if you are looking for bespoke beads

looking for custom engraved beads


check out this store or